18 December, 2006

Attention: your help is needed!

While I was wasting time reading our logs (looking at which google searches land people up here - my favorite is probably "mary ann and ginger wrestling"), it occurred to me that our site is not very jazzy, and oughta include something reflecting our history of more appeal than the bland archives. So, taking a long, long shot (given your poor history of actually commenting), I ask you: what's your favorite post on this site? For whatever reason - humor, information, cynicism, etc. I think I've previously made my favorite clear.


The one where hedgehog posted about a variety of hedgehog being extinct was just ridiculous. And a little bit sad.

That's just off the top of my head. I'd have to go through the archives. 

Posted by Mist 1

No, I remember it now. I think it was called something like, Let My People Go. I think hedgehogs had been removed from the extinction list. So, pretty much the opposite of what I commented before.

My recall skills suck and still, I refuse to use the convenient blog search button. Too much work. 

Posted by Mist 1

There is something about Mist1 that makes me do work for "her." This is already a dysfunctional relationship and we don't even know one another's names.

The post is here , and I vaguely remember that it was about making cups for frosty treats smaller so hedgehogs wouldn't get stuck inside. But my memory isn't so reliable since the war. 

Posted by hedgehog

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