03 December, 2006

Great Sage Equalling Heaven!

Only slightly late*, here are some pictures of me dressed as Sun Wukong, the Monkey King, from "Journey to the West". In these photos the makeup is somewhat messed up, since I wore it to capoeira before taking them, where someone kicked me in the face and fouled it all up. I have to say I was somewhat disappointed with the full production... but there's always next year. My current plan is to be Dr. Zoidberg. Woop woop woop woop!


* My roommate Kevin took them. The giant Chinese characters on the wall are coincidental - just the wall of our living room. They apparently mean "Berry Nation", after the name of our house, Brambleberry.


I've been thinking about cancelling all waxing appointments and going for that whole Planet of the Apes thing. 

Posted by Anonymous

You aren't a great glowing letter S with skinny legs! You have a face! 

Posted by hedgehog

That's really quite a lot of make-up. . .but yes, the spell has been broken, no longer a great glowing letter S.

The costume itself is quite awesome. 

Posted by Saheli

Holy Crap! You have muscles! That's... like... a genetic impossibility! People in our family aren't in shape! 

But yeah... cool costume.

Posted by DearDarlingDidi

Besides being a great costume, I have to say that is an oddly compelling paint job and door hanging.

Posted by Saheli

AWESOME! I love the Monkey King ! I gotta dress up as him one of these days.

I'm confused by the characters on your wall, though. Is the top character missing a couple of strokes, or am I missing something? The character for fruit looks like this (果) two more strokes, and no hook at the bottom.

Posted by ToastyKen

I have no knowledge of the correct characters - but supposedly others have independently read it as "Berry Nation" without prompting. Fruit != Berry? 

Posted by saurabh

You were disappointed?! It was quite an impressive costume! I didn't even recognize you at first.

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