20 December, 2006

Meanwhile, in th'economy

One New York wife is getting a $50,000-plus diamond ring thanks to hubby's Wall Street bonus. An executive is giving $1 million in private jet time, or 150 hours, so his family won't have to fly commercial. And plenty of $7,000 mink coats and $20,000 necklaces are being boxed up, too.
``I haven't seen such excess displays of wealth and extravagance during the holidays since the 1980s,'' said Samantha von Sperling, a New York-based image consultant and personal shopper. ``This is the most prosperous, most lavish, most extravagant season I've ever seen.''


Oh, yes, and this year's steak  has jumped to $750 (or $1,050 with truffles) per serving. 

Posted by judevac

I think that my favorite quote from the Bloomberg piece is, ``If you have everything you need, you can afford to buy anything you want.'' The uber-rich really are different from you and me.

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