12 December, 2006

Neturei Karta jumps the shark

It's nice having ultra-orthodox anti-Zionist allies, sometimes. The best anecdote I have: some pro-Palestinian types showed up to protest at an Israel Day celebration in Boston one time. The cops were also in attendance, to prevent the hostile crowds from erupting into violence. Some healthy shouting and chanting ensued, and things were going full-tilt when a bus pulled up near the anti-Zionist crowd. A whole troop of ultra-orthodox Jews filed out. Alarm bells are already going off in the cops' heads. A friend of mine, a prominent Palestinian activist in the area, begins approaching the lead member of the group. The cops now know claret is imminent, but they're too far away to stop anything from happening. So they can only watch in horror as the two meet ...and embrace each other like brothers. "Wha-wha-wha??!?" say the cops. Priceless.

But never mind that. Attending a conference on the Holocaust in Iran, put together by Ahmadinejad, populated by Holocaust-deniers like Fourisson and David Duke, is simply inexcusable, no matter how strong your anti-Zionist politics.


he's doing a pretty good job of pissing off anglos and israelis. i wonder if it's possible he's doing this on purpose. surely he doesn't think persians could be a pan-islamic unifying force? maybe a little too much of an echo chamber over there? 

Posted by hibiscus

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