02 January, 2007

A New Year

2006 wasn't an especially enjoyable year, for me. The latter half was definitely complete shit, as it saw me reacquainting myself with darker, foggier feelings. Some good friends of mine moved away from me, as well, and some others merely drifted a bit further off. Broken friendships are a sad thing, like little dead birds. Once they were sweet and joyous, and now at best they can remind you that they were a bright thing in the past.

It wasn't all bad, however. I improved myself in a few ways. I took up a new instrument, the dhol, which is a kind of Punjabi drum. This was more or less on a whim, and I surprised myself by being a rather quick learner (the benefit of years of playing the tabla, another North Indian drum with fairly similar fundamental principles).

I also kept my New Years' resolution of last year, which was to learn to dance better. I did it!

In 2007 I will make the earth shake and the sky turn golden. Watch out.

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What? No YouTube link of you dancing? 

Posted by Mist 1


I nominated you for a bloggie award.


Posted by Mist 1

Ah, there you are. Yes, agreed, 2006 sucked in more ways than it did not. Here's to a better 2007---cheers and happy drumming! Come visit us in California soon.  

Posted by Saheli



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