21 March, 2006

Disservice piggyback

I received this bit of Dadaist poetry from an anonymous open proxy friend. I threw in a few punctuation marks and line breaks here and there, but most of it is virgin.*

Disservice Piggyback
Fishing rod, genuinely axis accuser!
Backside a compassionate, crummy but birch with fireside
the gooey of tune
third degree of love affair
cooperative, with spun to shabbily as self-respect calculated.
go-cart, medallion porter, and westernize!

to, in drinking fountain, northwesterly, the millennia labyrinth.
to chase, presently, spree flashback.

as in, the pair coercion and clear-cut.

by was boomerang airy, diploma-soulful, "jack-of-all-trades" babble-camera.
endow, as nuclei a of as self-pity:
dues, await of gold medalist
stumbling block umpire imbalanced off-color
double-cross compartment

moo the perfectionist buttercup! Ah, heirloom, amiably!
Delirium, the are an enrichment.

it illness.
it station.

* I am, of course, not the first to do this.


almost exactly 10 years ago to the day of this post, i found a sign of intelligent life in the wilds of drudge catalog copywriters: a description of a pillow that was actually a decent haiku (line breaks were added).

Hand woven cotton
awning stripe pillow becomes
the perfect accent.

if i remember right the description stuck out because it was visibly shorter. nothing special about the pillow. poor kid... well they probably got rich writing copy for toothpickexpress.com a year later. 

Posted by hibiscus

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